Patrick Duegaw


Chicken Poop lip junk balm

I always have chicken poop in my pocket. A tube of Chicken Poop lip junk balm, that is. The brainchild of Simone Chickenbone (aka Jamie Tabor), this lavender and sweet … Read more


Drakkar Sauna: The Family Who Prays

The music made by the Kansas-based band Drakkar Sauna (Jeff Stolz and Wallace Cochran) is otherworldly. It is completely original and quirky. Angelic vocal harmonies and soulful instrumentals work slyly … Read more


Most Wanted Spirits: distilled in Kansas

Micro-distilled Most Wanted spirits for something exotic, but domestically produced. High Plains Distillery, with seven generations of moonshining expertise behind them, is now the first legal distillery in Kansas since … Read more

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