Nikki Savvides


Carolina Melis

Sardinian born Carolina Melis is an illustrator based in the UK. She’s obviously multi-talented, her bio listing her not only as an artist but as an animator, dancer and choreographer. … Read more


Britain’s perfect pet

A survey of two thousand Britons has revealed the country’s perfect pet. Max is a bizarre hybrid that is part cat, part dog, part rabbit and part horse. Insurance firm … Read more


Personal urns for when that big day dawns

Cremations Solutions, ‘[y]our complete source for scattering urns and accessories’, offers personal urns which are created from the image of the deceased. The large containers, which feature lifelike features, but … Read more


Andrew Zuckerman

Andrew Zuckerman’s beautiful photographs make me imagine how it would feel to be in close proximity to a menagerie of amazing creatures — orangutans, mountain lions, chameleons, and zebras. With … Read more


Craig Phillips

I really like the work of Craig Phillips, an Australian illustrator whose notable achievements include creating the cover art for the new EP from Sydney band Lions At Your Door … Read more


Mandy Ord’s comic art

I’ve been keen on Mandy Ord’s work since we were both involved in the Australian underground comic scene of the late 1990s and early 2000s. She shared my love of … Read more


Copenhagen’s Freetown, Christiania

Several years ago I spent five weeks hanging out with friends who lived in the friendly environment of Copenhagen’s Freetown, Christiania. A former military base, Christiania is a self-governing borough … Read more

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