Natassja Brodie


New art by Natassja Brodie

I’m a firm believer in the theory that creativity is at its peak in the hours where the normal sleep soundly. I’ve often found it either hard to sleep, or … Read more


Tomer Hanuka

Tomer Hanuka has an incredible illustration style. He’s a one-of-a-kind artist that makes you wonder if you’ve just entered a nightmare or a sexy dream.


Xiuyuan Zhang

Xiuyan Zhang’s artworks seem to move before your eyes. Smooth lines, somewhat chilling and yet intriguing characters and an Eastern style, how can you look at this art and not … Read more


Melt Banana: Sick Zip Everywhere

When my boyfriend and his mate introduced me to Melt Banana, my inner Japan-quirk-obsessed self squealed. The only way I can explain Melt Banana is to tell you to imagine … Read more


Yosuke Ueno

I can only pity the colourblind when entering the surreal world of Japanese artist Yosuke Ueno. There’s an incredible energy that seems to pop out of each rainbow artwork and … Read more


Clap Camera

A USB stick that takes photos and movies, yet doesn’t require batteries or cables. What more do I need to say than CLAP?

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