Monique Rothstein


Fergus Brown’s Nerds In Love

We checked in with Sydney-based songwriter Fergus Brown to get the inside story on his wonderfully quirky and catchy pop song, Nerds In Love [below]: ‘It was was a fun … Read more


The All New Adventures Of Us

Sonic alchemy, lyrical mastery and melodies to melt even the coldest winter heart, anyone? I introduce you to my new favourite indie darlings: The All New Adventures of Us (alternatively … Read more


She & Him’s Volume One

She & Him are actress and closet singer-songwriter, Zooey Deschanel (Almost Famous, The Good Girl, The Assassination of Jesse James), and juggernaut producer, one-man band and folk troubadour, M.Ward.


Firekites’ The Bowery

Emanating from Newcastle, Australia, Firekites are the unlikely love child of Kings of Convenience and Arcade Fire, with eyes the colour of Texas geniuses, Midlake.


New Buffalo

Things are happening almost too quickly for Sally Seltmann, the bashful Melbourne balladeer who plays under the guise of New Buffalo and who wrote Feist’s 2007 hit single, 1,2,3,4.


Princess One Point Five: Vous Je Vous

Princess One Point Five is the brainchild of Melbourne based singer-songwriter Sarah-Jane Wentzki, in collaboration with partner Richard Andrew. With Wentzki’s gloriously fragile and emotionally charged vocals, not dissimilar to … Read more


Interview with Lior

The Israel-turn-Sydneysider Lior has a wonderful ability to turn the mundane of the everyday into delicious slices of saccharine sweet folk music. We caught up with on the cusp of … Read more

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