Mike Langlie


The neon 80s fashion of Casey Desmond

Casey Desmond’s fashions and music are unabashedly synthetic. Both radiate pink and purple sparkles, referencing an 80s new wave future that only came true for the happily enlightened. Thankfully, there’s … Read more


Junker Jane’s Monster Dolls

Junker Jane’s Monster Dolls could whisper some scary stories in your ear if their mouths weren’t stitched into puckered grimaces. They’re made from scraps of patterned fabric that’s been through … Read more


Twink: the toy piano band

My toytronica obsession continues with a new album, Itsy Bits & Bubbles. Toy instruments meet hyperactive rhythm machines, broken music boxes, circuit-bent electronic gizmos, kitchen drawer percussion, and the bleeps … Read more


The disturbing dioramas of Snailbooty

I can’t help dreaming weird back-stories for the disturbing dioramas and digital collages of CW Wells, aka Snailbooty. Plastic figurines have questionable encounters with monster-headed dolls in a slightly off-focus … Read more



Leslie Levings’ hand-sculpted Beastlies are ready for adoption. Wide bug eyes, oversized feet and fangs spilling out of crowded smiles hint that these cute creatures have yet to grow into … Read more

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