Margarita Peker


One Gallon Hip Flask

This is a one gallon hip flask. These are the reasons you may need one: 1. I’ve tried booking hotels in two Australian cities this week, and apparently they are … Read more

Cool Websites

The Rap Board

The Rap Board is one of those gifts from the internet that, in theory, you think you don’t need or want. But before you go digging for the receipt whilst … Read more


Bike Polo

It seems as though the reign of the Australian hipster has reached its final frontier: sport. Thanks to a new ‘anti-sport’ called Bike Polo, the cool kids’ societal domination is … Read more

Cool Websites

Cheese People Tumblr

It’s hard to pinpoint my reasons for loving this Cheese People Tumblr. Is it because I’m a little bit obsessed with cheese, in both its physical and metaphorical forms? Or … Read more

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