Alsop’s filmport

British architect Will Alsop’s design for the new Filmport complex in Toronto has just been unveiled and is set to be one of the largest film studios on the North … Read more


Eco water theatre

This water theatre by the British architect, Sir Nicholas Grimshaw of Grimshaw Architects, takes the form of a vertical seawater greenhouse, with the evaporators and condensers stacked vertically to maximise … Read more


Eco urban cactus

On the harbour in Vuurplaat, Rotterdam, a proposed Urban Cactus rises from the usually boxy Dutch architectural landscape.



Featured at London’s Tate Museum earlier this year, these giant human slides certainly drew the crowds.


A red carpet for all

A red carpet has enveloped the surface in and around the financial district of St. Gallen, a north-eastern city of Switzerland.


Eco gas station

In Los Angeles, in the gas guzzling centre of the Universe, BP has enlisted Office dA to embrace the paradoxical task of creating a green petrol station.


First class Newson

Internationally feted designer Marc Newson first turned his hand to Qantas first class Skybed seats and now has had a crack at their Sydney First Class Lounge, as shown here.


Second life in real life

In 2004, a local government in Paris revealed plans to redevelop an area of the city. However, in response to time lag and a lack of consultation, a residents group … Read more


Playground Fence

To Dutch designer, Tejo Remy, a fence could be so much more than simply a separation or delineation of space. This gorgeous project, Playground Fence, explores a fence that can … Read more

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