Big Books

A project that has been a pioneer of the revitalization of downtown Kansas City, this building’s goal was to promote the Central Library as well as represent the city itself.


Stained Glass Cube

Neutelings Riedijk Architects (NRA) represent the generation of Dutch Architects that are finally beginning to usurp the dominance of Rem Koolhaas. NRA was formed in 1987 and have come of … Read more


Ring House

Too beautiful to simply pass by, this is the Ring House by young Japanese architectural firm, TNA.


Beautiful carparks

Branislav Kropilak is a young photographer of Slovakian background who has concentrated on an unusual range of photographic subjects — garages, landings, trains, and lobbies.


Artificial Russia

What is it with these big fake islands that look like things from the air? We’ve had palm trees, a map of the world, and now an island that looks … Read more


Ecopod coffin

With us all increasingly looking for everyday efforts to be more green and care for our planet, why not consider an option for our last day here?


Zaha Hadid Island

With the ten year mark passing us by since the building of Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, the bureaucrats have decided that the ‘Bilbao Effect’ needs another shot … Read more


Light Rod Pavilion

Carmody Groarke, a young British firm, have just won an Architecture Foundation competition to design a new pavilion in Regent’s Place, London. The firm is a finalist in BD’s Young … Read more

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