Korean green housing

Korean architects, Mass Studies, have attacked the idea of housing typology in this project for a Seoul Commune in the year 2026. The buildings are comprised of public and private … Read more


Prefab House

New York and Connecticut based Brio54 have just added this design to their range of prefab houses.


Eco Boulevarde Madrid

These ‘social revitalizing air-trees’ are placed in a formation through a new urban development in Madrid to focus and configure social activites.


Digital Cloud

Located on the way to the first class lounge, this shimmering cloud hovers and flickers to signify the transition from the noisy public realm into the calm of the lounges. … Read more


Eco Lighthouse

Called the Lighthouse (BRE House), this is the UK’s first ever net zero carbon home that also meets the highest level of the UK Standard Code for Sustainable Homes. It … Read more


Maverick Eco M2-House

Maverick artist come architect, Michael Jantzen, has created this fantastic experiment as a design study for a modular prefabricated eco-friendly house.


Gotham City

French architect Jean Nouvel, one of the world’s most revered, has just won the Tour De Verre competition launched by Hines and Goldman Sachs with this stealthy design.


Park(ing) Space

Rebar is a San Francisco-based art collective making an intelligent demonstration by thinking laterally about the ongoing issue of inner-city parking. On the premise that a metered parking spot is … Read more


A car of the moment

Austrian artist, Erwin Wurm, has captured the times with this piece recently shown at the Mumok Museum in Vienna — obesity and a gas guzzler in one.

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