Green Lodge

This is an image that caught our eye. A modern building that seems to be, at the same time, emerging and regressing out of and into foliage and ruin.


Paris Tour Signal

Architect Jean Nouvel is on a roll. His projects are popping up everywhere, but this may be the grandest. In choosing Nouvel’s design, the competition judges stressed that this ‘is … Read more


Pop Pergola

Designed by landscape architects Claude Cormier, Pergola is a pop art piece comprised of 90,000 plastic balls arranged in the form of a wisteria bloom at Le Havre City Hall. … Read more


Kraanspoor Delight

The Dutch, the beautiful Dutch, in terms of architecture anyway. Here they have led the way again with this reuse of an old crane dock. A new glass office building, … Read more


Eco flood

In these new quick-eat restaurants around Paris, the quality of the air is as important as the quality of the food. Mathieu Lehanneur has utilized a 3 billion year old … Read more


White Studio

The young architect Junya Ishigami is pushing the boundaries of the weightless aesthetic stream of architecture. Here, for the Kanagawa Institute of Technology, he has designed a glass and steel … Read more


Green Ribbons

An example of another green approach to city living, the Green Ribbons project connects a number of high rise condominiums in the Heping neighbourhood of Tianjin.


Vertical urban farm

The New York architectural firm, Work Architecture Company, have produced this urban farm and apartment building as part of an ideas competition for an awkward block in the city.


Dynamic Architecture

The Italian architect with the English name, David Fisher, has arrived in Dubai and brought with him this building that literally does a lot on its site.


Popular Tower

The strategy based architectural firm Popular Architecture has created a scheme that takes on the spread of cities. Based on the estimation that London will need to provide housing for … Read more

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