Kenneth Yu



For Malaysian band Furniture, there is a satisfaction found in becoming a soundtrack to some anonymous sci-fi romance held in the confines of space. On their debut album Twilight Chases … Read more


FY Simone

Malaysian-based illustrator FY.Simone is currently attending CAHS and The College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She has a unique fascination for ink and watercolour droplets, creating a trademark … Read more

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There is not much difference between a futon and the music of part-Thai, part-English electro outfit Futon – both are made for mind-blowing sweaty one-night-stands. Futon is all about filthy … Read more

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Since John Peel passed on in 2004, there hasn’t been a concerted effort to record live, exclusive, and reworked performances from up-and-coming bands in the vein of his famed sessions. … Read more

Photography, Travel

Jean-Christian Bourcart

Jean-Christian Bourcart is a photographer whose shoelaces other photographers are unable to untie. His specialty seems to be plunging into the heart of darkness, such as the Frankfurt brothels [Infertile … Read more

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Bear Garden

Here’s a tip – if all goes well, Thailand will become the next Japan, a worldwide pop culture hub whose uniqueness is rooted in its historical isolation from the rest … Read more


Lab Mag

Today was the launch of LAB MAG, a fluid Portable Document Format publication which collects the work of artists, designers and writers. Featuring luminaries such as Thomas Hirschorn and Liam … Read more

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Pete Teo

Malaysia has a surprisingly thriving singer-songwriter scene, with many local troubadours strumming guitars, parking themselves on stools, and wearing hearts on sleeves across hushed bars and cafes across the country. … Read more

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