Kate Farrall


Abstract landscapes by Lisa Fernald Barker

Lisa Fernald Barker beautifully translates her memory of place with thick, impasto brushstrokes while imbuing the images with rich, saturated colors, lending an understanding of how her impressions of place … Read more


The found object art of Nathan Cordero

Process drives Nathan Cordero’s artwork. Found objects are morphed into complex and striking wood mosaics; words and images are painted, cut, carved and reassembled into stunning artworks. The interplay between … Read more


Trent Liddicoat’s geometric art

I like where Sacramento artist Trent Liddicoat is and I look forward to him incorporating more layers of complexity to his stories and painting. It’s like finishing a good book, … Read more


Rogelio Manzo’s Ghostly Personas

Northern Californian Rogelio Manzo’s translucent images see through the people he creates. Brushstrokes show ghostly movement while the paint simultaneously disfigures the images. Each layer, like years in time, leaves … Read more

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