Julia Hennock


Jan Von Holleben

Dadadadaaaaa! Kids are superheroes. Only in adulthood do we lose our charm and imagination. Jan Von Holleben’s latest photographic series Dreams of Flying distills the preciousness and freedom of a … Read more


Davin Youngs

Davin Youngs has got something sweet going on. His pictures, as he calls them, are the of-the-moment kind. Y’know, the spontaneous, romantic, stylised yet amateurish thing photographers are doing these … Read more


Jimmy Turrell

Perusing the illustrations on Jimmy Turrell’s site is akin to walking through the botanical gardens in spring; it’s an overkill of wonder and beauty. I’m sickened, and I daresay wildly … Read more

Cool Websites

ASCII generator

Lovers, ahoy! Take a photo of your darling’s face (or your own if it’s prettier) and put it into an ASCII generator for an old-school arty gift. Because, let’s face … Read more



The goldest star goes to Erone, French painter-illustrator extraordinaire. His skewed, stylised portraits are composed of layers of patterns, bold lines, and warm colours. If you’re an investor, I recommend … Read more


Ian Francis

Even Melissa Joan Hart’s favourite dog can’t take her mind off the stairs. Ian Francis is a young British artist and storyteller. His multimedia artworks and their titles are vivid, … Read more


Made of Japan

B-Reel is real smooth. And when I say real, I mean really. They created the latest ad for kicks brand Onitsuka Tiger.


Beth Fuller’s Junkture Table

One person’s trash is another person’s gorgeous table. Beth Fuller created the Junkture Table from a magnesium wheel rim found in a New York City junkyard. All materials for the … Read more


Tokuro Sakamoto

Don’t judge an artist by their website. Tokuro Sakamoto’s fine, minimalist paintings are floating in e-space without titles, dimensions, or descriptions. Nothing appears to be for sale, the text is … Read more


Kimiko Yoshida

Photographer Kimiko Yoshida’s self-portraits are luscious quasi-monotone scopes of texture and form. ‘My self-portrait is a still life. I disappear into the background. There is no search for identity in … Read more

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