Jo Spurling


Not Quite Hollywood

This has to be one of the best documentaries ever to grace a cinema screen. Following the history of Australian made exploitation films, and the burgeoning Oz film industry that … Read more


Nerds Gone Wild!

If you’ve ever wondered what nerds get up to when deprived of Broadband for two weeks, or you want to find out how William Shatner (think Star Trek era, not … Read more


Rohan Hutchinson

The photography of Rohan Hutchinson is amazing, his subject matter of late focusing on the rapidly disappearing back alleyways in China which are being demolished for the Olympics, leaving thousands … Read more



Melbourne really is one lucky city. Filled to the brim with talented people, and now with another space to play in. Gorker is the newest gallery space to grace Melbourne’s … Read more


Krink Inks

Though I’m not generally one to endorse products willy nilly, every now and then you find something that inspires you to action simply because you can see the possibilities in … Read more


Lounge Kat

Beautiful, pretty, divine, lavish, vivid. These are the words you will find your mind spinning towards as you stroll through the Lounge Kat world. Kate McInnes is the mistress behind … Read more


Stupid Krap!

With online ‘art-for-sale’ websites popping faster than magic mushrooms come mother’s day (or so I am told, ah-herm), it can be hard to pick the gold from the garrrr. To … Read more


Nix Toxic

Adorable and noxious spills phosphorescent from the imagination of Nix Toxic, whose art is a wonderful contradiction in terms. Cute creations simper amongst the vibrant but deadly colour schemes.


Designers Against Aids

‘If its not on it’s not on’ is arguably one of the best catchphrases to emerge in the fight against the spread of the AIDS virus, and is still remembered … Read more

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