Jill Pope


Henry of Harcourt ciders

Cider is the new beer. Everyone knows this. But the problem is, just like beer, now the market is flooded with the full gamut of low and high quality drinks … Read more


B*Witched C’est La Vie video

Sometimes good things are good, but sometimes crap things are great. This video is definitely great. Featuring a modern day love story between a hedgehog and a cat, set to … Read more


Pat and Stick’s Icecream Sandwiches

As the weather heats up, queues outside ice cream parlours and gelaterias grow as everyone’s minds turn from warming up to cooling down with their ice confectionary of choice. Strangely, … Read more


Melbourne’s Shebeen Bar

First world problems such as ‘which imported beer should I drink tonight?’ will soon have more wide-reaching consequences with the imminent (fingers crossed) opening of Shebeen, a new Melbourne watering … Read more


The Lifted Brow

The Lifted Brow is a biannual publication from Melbourne and Brisbane containing a melange of writing, illustration, music, and a lot that falls in the gray area in between.

Cool Websites

Scribbler Too

This neat website in the vein of jacksonpollock.org gives you a blank page, the ability to create intricate sketches with the click of a mouse and subsequent hours of amusement. … Read more

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