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This Charming Man exhibition

Ed Janssen is famed in Melbourne for his jewellery designs, sold through cult Morrissey-friendly label This Charming Man. ‘The Knuckle Sandwich’ charm necklace (two pieces of bread on either side … Read more



Melbourne illustrators, designers and men-about-town Tin&Ed are known and loved for many things. Their lost-in-a-forest illustrations, their science-meets-whimsy line-based art, their collages, their photographs, their escapades and their generally unexpected … Read more


Amanda de Simone

Amanda de Simone is a Melbourne photographer who has a fine fine haircut. We also think she is the most exciting photographic artist in the city right now. Her portraits … Read more


The Litmusphere

The mysterious Melbourne-based Litmus Journal has been in bookstores for a while now – from Australia to London – starting with Litmus Minus Three and building momentum through Minus Two, … Read more

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