Huna Amweero


Children Collide interview

It’s hard to find a misstep on the full-length debut from Melbourne band, Children Collide. The Long Now doesn’t sound like a first album: its mature, yet completely varied sound … Read more


Wolf & Cub live in Sydney

Chances are we haven’t met. Despite this, it’s most likely you’ve heard that I’m a huge fan of Adelaide band Wolf and Cub. The somewhat strange unconditional love I feel … Read more


Erykah Badu

When I was little, for reasons I can no longer remember, I wanted to be Catwoman. A little older and appreciating the impracticalities of such an outfit, I’ve decided to … Read more


Sister Jane

A few months ago, Dan Davey tapped me on the shoulder and politely asked me for a moment of my time. We had a brief — and, of course, polite … Read more


Belles Will Ring

I recently added DJ to my repertoire of skills, after I ‘dropped’ tunes till the early hours of the morning in my friend’s lounge room. The dance floor was positively … Read more


The Drones’ Havilah

The Drones are a rarity for me. Unlike my Arctic Monkeys or MGMT fixations, their music possesses a longevity that makes me think I’ll still be listening to them when … Read more


Dead Farmers

Every now and then you encounter a band whose sound cannot be confined to CD, Vinyl or a MySpace Music Player; a sound so incredible that it must be experienced … Read more

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