Graham Wright


Donald Glover

I love being busy, and I think I do a pretty good job at it, but Donald Glover puts me and every other workaholic out there to shame. He’s hilarious … Read more


The AV Club

I hit a point a couple of years ago where I started to feel over saturated with entertainment media. I got fed up reading reviews and articles and just kind … Read more


Meeks’ Cutoff

I have a reputation among my friends as the guy who likes the dumbest movies. It’s well deserved, and I never turn down the chance to eat a giant bucket … Read more


A Moment In The Sun by John Sayles

A lot of people recommend that I get a Kindle, or other such ‘e-book’ reading device, because I’m on tour so much and lugging around several books isn’t practical. This … Read more


The Randy Newman Songbook Vol. II

A lot of people I know unjustly think of Randy Newman as the perennial Oscar-contending writer of schlocky soundtrack songs. I thought that myself. But buying the first volume of … Read more

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