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Valerio Carrubba

Valerio Carrubba is a hyperrealist painter. His images are anatomically accurate, showing his peaceful patients with their internal organs exposed. Shocking, realistic and, at the same time, extremely surreal, Valerio’s … Read more


Rikka Sormunen

Riikka Sormunen’s paintings are stylised depictions of fantasy worlds. She also paints novelty figurines to immerse in these beautiful environments, where darkness seeps in, lending them unusual and thought-provoking qualities.


Sam Ashton

Brighton illustrator Sam Ashton depicts everyday objects in a unique way, drawing upon the ancient Japanese technique of woodblock drawing.


Photoshop AdBust

This superbly original billboard culture jam from the FTW-Crew (Epoxy One, Mr Tailon and Baveux Production) in Berlin shows how much work goes into looking effortless.


Buddy Holly photo exhibition

The late great fifties singer-songwriter, Buddy Holly, is documented in a new photography exhibition at London’s Proud Galleries, which coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the first rockstar death in … Read more



A high-definition 3D animated feature, Coraline took three years to complete and features the work of director Henry Selick, who employs old-fashioned stop-motion animation enhanced by computers to create the … Read more


The comic art of Peter Bagge

Robert Crumb is the undisputed god of alternative comics. Only a few artists can even come close. Peter Bagge is one of them, snapping at Crumb’s heels and trying to … Read more


The cartoon artwork of Adrian Tomine

Adrian Tomine is one of the finest cartoonists and illustrators of this generation, alongside the iconic Chris Ware and Daniel Clowes. He began his career Xeroxing copies of his comics … Read more


Chris Bianchi

Chris Bianchi is a freelance illustrator based in London. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2005 he has self-published two books, The Spinners and Box. He is … Read more

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