Domingo Antonio Robledo


Leopold and his Fiction

Something at the root of old American rock n roll will always grip the contemporary audiophiles, no matter what. It’s that raw soulfulness that came pouring through the speakers then, … Read more


We Have Band

It’s been a while since we last heard the clamorous sound of We Have Band, but for obvious reasons. Having toured extensively in 2009, the London-based trio took the later … Read more

Cool Websites

Planet magazine

The demise of our beloved print medium is a harsh reality that a lot of independent magazines have been dealing with for the past five years at least. So we … Read more


Magic Wands

Magic Wands are a burgeoning young duo playing some really fun music these days, and the most recent remix of Warrior sounds especially sweet to my ears this week. Uh, … Read more


Here We Go Magic

Here We Go Magic came together fairly organically, just over a year ago, from the haze of an old Brooklyn party. Though Luke Temple (founder and lead singer) was known … Read more


Solid Gold

Minnesota? Well, it’s cold. That’s about all we know. Gold, I mean. It’s gold. In all fairness, there’s actually much to be said for this city in terms of music—apparently … Read more



Considering the first impression of Papercuts in 2004, the lo-fi aesthetic of Mockingbird was a hazy and modern take on the old. A ‘vintage’ concept in many respects, it expressed … Read more

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