Deanne Cheuk


Rebecca Campbell

Rebecca Campbell uses beautifully loose strokes of thick color in her Bolt painting series, conveying fleeting stormy moments in her show, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.


Canadian artist Sarah Anne Johnson

Canadian artist Sarah Anne Johnson created these works after a residency on a double masted schooner in the Arctic Circle. The artist says: ‘After such an experience, one can’t help … Read more


Moon Beom

Korean artist Moon Beom creates otherworldly canvases using acylics and oilsticks, conjuring visions of infinite space and imagined landscapes ‘where reality and illusion crisscross’.


Brian LaRossa

Brooklyn-based artist and designer Brian LaRossa takes the hand-drawn aesthetic into the digital realm with his colorful glowing compositions ‘shaped through a process of reconfiguration’.


SeaHyun Lee

Korean-artist SeaHyun Lee paints crimson landscapes combining elements of North and South Korea against stark white backgrounds. Her work is inspired by military service spent wearing night vision goggles that … Read more


Richard Hughes

London-based artist Richard Hughes incorporates incongruous looking objects into his work to create art that is sometimes humorous. Inviting questions as to the history and function of the pieces, upon … Read more


Paula Sanz Caballero

Spanish artist Paula Sanz Caballero creates miniature worlds of characters embroidered with hand-sewn vintage and found fabrics. Against richly textured backdrops, she creates an interplay of personal relationships and stories … Read more

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