Chuck Russell


The Thermals: Now We Can See

Beginning with handclaps and a sing-a-long chorus, The Thermals’ Now We Can See quickly careens into power pop glory. When Hutch Harris sings, ‘our enemies lie dead on the ground … Read more


Imprints of birds on English windows

These imprints of birds on English windows are strangely beautiful. Apparently, the ‘powder down’ of their wings causes the ghostly imaging. The snapshots themselves are unspectacular, but the idea of … Read more


The Antlers: I Don’t Want Love

What begins as an almost conventional pop ballad, I Don’t Want Love slowly begins to reveal itself as something else. We’re not exactly sure what Peter Silberman means when he … Read more


Captain Beefheart: Ashtray Heart

This Captain Beefheart album from 1980 has it all: crazy lyrics, insane rhythms, and a killer version of the Magic Band. At the helm is the Captain himself, sounding more … Read more

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