Charles Glaubitz


Wendell McShine

Shaman, voodoo, witch doctor, Wendell McShine’s mystical art invokes our connections to a time when we where not afraid as humans to journey into the door between the dimensions of … Read more


Mike Maxwell

Southern California artist Mike Maxwell does not trust the five senses; he doesn’t believe in what he can see, smell, touch, listen or taste. He only believes in ideas.


Rainbow Birds Coloring Book

Rainbow Birds: A Collective Coloring Book was created by a collection of artists around the world and is dedicated to the Charity Institutions and Orphanages of the City of Tijuana, … Read more


Jack Kirby Museum

Jack ‘King’ Kirby! Long live the king! If you dont know who Jack Kirby is, then you haven’t seen anything yet. He’s the creator of some of the greatest comic … Read more


New artwork by Charles Glaubitz

On the stairway to the galatic center, psycodelia, hypercubism. My work is influenced by unseen things, mysticism, quantum physics, comics, the stories of ancient cultures, animation, myths, and alchemy.

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