The Urban Grocer

Caitlin spends her days scouring the globe for the world's coolest food finds. She is the founder of online food pop-culture mag, The Urban Grocer, and is a food writer, blogger, producer, television presenter and supper club chef. She lives between Europe and NY with her husband and their dog, Taco.


Tacofino Commissary in Vancouver

Tacofino is a roving food truck that’s been winning over the hearts and stomachs of Vancouverites for years. With the success of their “fast slow” concept and Baja-inspired tacos – … Read more


Rooftop farm in Durban, South Africa

Bright green rows of organic vegetables cross lush herb tunnels and a bounty of indigenous plants. That’s not exactly your quintessential urban fare. But this thriving garden, bursting with flora … Read more


Milkmade Ice Cream in New York City

In early 2010, we featured a fledgling company that was dripping with potential. Milkmade was only six-months old at the time, its membership hovered around 50, and its ice cream … Read more


The Hop-Pickle

Moonshine ice cream. Mojito popsicles. Pinot truffles. We’re always up for booze-infused collaborations. And the latest to catch our eye is a top-notch mash-up of craft beer and pickles: the … Read more


Joe and Seph’s gourmet popcorn

British popcorn purveyors, Joe & Seph’s dare to challenge any preconceptions you’ve had of popcorn. Forget Cracker Jacks; leave behind those memories of stale movie theater popcorn smothered in fake … Read more


The Piece Shiraz

Stencils, tags, paste-ups, and vibrant strokes sprayed intensely across underground walls are a common city scene. Graffiti is the epitome of urban art and culture. It is not, however, what … Read more


LA Creamery Artisan Ice Cream

If you can’t bare the lines but crave a creative pint to dig your spoon into, then LA Creamery Artisan Ice Cream may be more your style. Delivered to your doorstep, … Read more

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