Ben Keys


Wolfgang Bloch

There’s no question I’ve spent more time looking for waves than riding them. Apparently, that’s part of the fun. I’m not so sure, but it is pretty special stumbling onto … Read more


Australian artist Matt Doust

A few years back, Matt Doust was completing portraits using Biro pens, each work a feverish mass of black and blue layered lines. Forward to 2011 and the Perth artist … Read more


Miles Thomson

Dig, hepcats! If the art of Miles Thomson doesn’t transport you to a beachside speakeasy staffed by monkey waiters serving cocktails in tiki heads, well, something must be very wrong. … Read more


Kid Zoom

Unable to limit his art to the streets, Kid Zoom has happily defaced banknotes, vintage Playboys, and even his own studio with his brand of eye-catching artwork. A move from … Read more


Scott Hove’s Cakeland

At first glance, Scott Hove’s Cakeland seems impossibly lovely — a pink-frosted, sugary fairyland. Until you notice a bunch of his delicious creations have sprouted fangs. Then it’s kind of … Read more


Nicholas Di Genova

The creatures of Nicholas Di Genova’s imagination occupy a strange space between the petting zoo and the apocalypse. The Toronto illustrator develops entire structured communities of twisted beasts that often … Read more


Adrian Hanft

Colarado photographer Adrian Hanft creates images that are charmingly imperfect, employing a huge collection of vintage cameras that he modifies at home, or occasionally builds from scratch. He recently created … Read more

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