Anna Sutton


Poodle Art

I get a lot of junk sent to me by email, but every once in a while I get a real beauty, something that makes me laugh out loud at … Read more


Nirrimi Hakanson

All you photographers out there, a word up on one of the most prodigious emerging photographers in Australia. And if you’re nursing an inadequacy complex, seeing Nirrimi Hakanson’s folio might … Read more


Joanna Mortreux’s oil painting

Melbourne artist Joanna Mortreux’s oil painting, Looking Back Undoes Everything, is peopled with otherworldly anthropomorphic creatures in various states of flight. Inspired by illustrated encyclopedias of animals, these strange life … Read more


Airport Hotels

What’s with Airport Hotels? Due to foolishly booking a 6am flight, I recently had the dubious honour of my first Airport Hotel experience, and it just so happened to be … Read more


Reinventing Astro Turf

Where plastic roses everywhere remain a testament to the gifts of spring or the virtue of 80s romantic cliches, Astro Turf offers one of Kitsch’s more useful incarnations. It’s a … Read more


The Atlanta Hotel, Bangkok

The Atlanta has the kind of charm and character most tourists wouldn’t expect to find amidst the rambling chaos of modern Bangkok. In contrast with the debauchery of the nearby … Read more

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