Andy Howell


Luca Ionescu: Sydney-based designer

He’s the founder of the infamous pre-Monster Children design magazine from Australia, Refill Mag, in its first few years easily the best creative culture journal around. Through Refill Magazine and … Read more


The Love Police

In the midst of all the apprehension and panic about the current world events we see on TV and in printed media, The LOVE POLICE intervene on our daily toil … Read more


Food One’s body art

Jim Mahfood, aka FOOD One, is a prolific neo-contemporary illustrator and painter whose work shows up in all kinds of odd places including his own 40 Oz Comics, Spiderman books … Read more


Byroglyphics’ abstract artworks

Russ Mills, known in urban art circles as Byroglyphics, is turning heads with his unique juxtaposing of loose, tagger-esque lashings of paint and traditional portraiture. The Brighton-based illustrator and animator … Read more


Johnny Rodriguez aka KMNDZ

Like many of the neo-contemporary artists today who have bridged the gap between analogue and digital creation, Illustrator and painter Johnny Rodriguez is a successful graphic designer, with a client … Read more


Pure Evil

In the midst of a neo-contemporary art movement muddled with carbon copy exhibitions and copycat galleries from all over the globe, artists and musicians assemble in a space in East … Read more

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