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Fecal Face

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I was lucky enough to meet with John Trippe, the main man behind the popular arts based site, Fecal Face.


Gregory Jacobsen

When I first saw Gregory Jacobsen’s work, I wasn’t sure whether to be enthralled or disgusted. I think I was somewhere in between, and still am.


Stephen Earl Rogers

Portraiture and realism have always been my cup-of-tea, so to speak. I love realism in artwork. Stephen Earl Rogers is a young British artist who works in realism and is … Read more


Travis Louie

You hear the words ‘unique’ and ‘original’ thrown around quite a lot these days. I use them myself regularly. But every now and then you find an artist who truly … Read more


Jeremy Fish

Jeremy Fish’s work never fails to impress with its humor and intelligence. His artwork is fun, whilst also being serious — a difficult blend to maintain, but one that he … Read more


Tifanny Bozic

I’ve been a massive fan of Tiffany Bozic’s work for many years, and this has only increased since having the pleasure of meeting, and becoming friends with her, this year. … Read more

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