Annie Leibovitz

annie leibovitz

Arguably the most famous photography of the last forty years, Annie Leibovitz gets to order around stars including, well everyone really. Seriously, think of someone famous or cool, and she’s taken their picture, and in her signature style. Her photos are constantly reproduced and include the last professional picture of John Lennon and that naked snap of Demi Moore. She’s probably best known for her Vanity Fair covers and spreads that incur huge expense to produce amazing pictures, that are always easily worth the money.

Annie Leibovitz’s career started with Rolling Stone and has since involved musicians, models, actors and even wars. Her accolades include being a Commandeur des Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government and designated a living legend by the Library of Congress. Several coffee table books of her pictures are available, exhibitions of her photos are constantly touring, and recently an excellent film was made about her life that delves into her methods and personal history. If you like Leibovitz’s style you should probably also check out Ansel Adams, Lee Miller, and Amber Gray.