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What’s your dream job? Take the two-minute career quiz and find out

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Whether you’re fresh out of high school, stuck in a job you hate or regretting the course you just signed up for, it’s easy to find yourself questioning where you want your career – and your life – to lead.

Some people seem to wake up one morning knowing exactly what they want to do. Meanwhile, the rest of us are very seriously considering new ways to pay the rent after watching The Full Monty one too many times.

Indeed, it can take years to figure out what you really want to do. The course many people choose straight out of high school isn’t always the right fit, and some end up taking their first full-time job based more on money than passion.

Well, guess what? It’s never too late to start your dream career and get the job you want, not the job you think you should have.

To get an idea of where to begin, take the quick quiz below and find out what career you might be suited to based on your personality, interests and work style. Once you get your result, follow the links provided to find out how you can get the skills you need to be job ready.

Which career is right for me?

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