Featured Image for This stunning sci-fi short film was made by one person with virtually no budget

This stunning sci-fi short film was made by one person with virtually no budget

Using nothing but himself and a drone, Sydney-based filmmaker and graphic designer Pete Majarich managed to turn the deserts of Utah into a breathtaking Martian landscape for his sci-fi short film, The Visitor.

Pete Majarich is a creative professional with an impressive resume in the advertisement industry. He has worked as an art director in memorable campaigns like “Nike Women” and U2’s latest album Songs of Experience. Majarich also created one of the hottest viral sensations in 2016, the ingenious project titled “A movie poster a day” which consisted of reimaginings of the posters of some of the best films of all time.

His work earned him the praise of people around the world with coverage from Vice, Wired, FastCompany and, of course, Lost at E Minor.

Last year, equipped only with a Mavic Air drone and a knock-off astronaut helmet he bought on eBay, Majarich travelled to the stark, rocky and almost infinite deserts of southern Utah with the intention of turning the desolate landscape into a melancholic portrayal of Mars.

He first scouted the perfect spots for his shoot with the aid of Google Earth. The next step was mapping out the ideal flight path for his drone, careful to refrain from infringing any local laws and with high consideration of the weather to avoid his camera being destroyed by nature.

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In this short Majarich did every role, from the editing, VFX and colour grading to the acting. As a one-man band, one of the things that made his shoot possible was DJI’s “Active Track” technology incorporated in the Mavic drone. The software automatically arranges the composition of the frame in real time, which allowed Majarich to perform the unusual dual role of actor and director of photography.

Juxtaposing spectacular landscape shots with sound clips from real space missions, the result is an incredibly impressive experimental film about an adventurer arriving in a barren, lonely world.

The two-minute film does not use a traditional three-act story structure per se but instead aims to be a visually stunning sequence that evokes a feeling of loneliness and highlights our triviality in the face of the vastness of the Universe.

A Movie Poster A Day from Pete Majarich on Vimeo.

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