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This high-tech treadmill will put your fat cat back into shape

The purr-fect exercise regimen for your favourite sedentary pet.

Recently at CES 2019, Korean startup ‘Pet Ding’ unveiled the most futuristic-looking cat treadmill we’ve ever seen. The machine, called The Little Cat, resembles an oversized hamster wheel decked out with LED lights.

Aside from making the treadmill look really cool, the lights are used to attract the feline onto the wheel. Once the machine starts moving, the cat will continue to follow the lights as the wheel spins (yes, just like they would a laser pointer).

The device also comes with an app, which allows owners to set fitness goals, check on the cat whenever it’s home alone, and even record loving voice messages. But even more impressive is that it can monitor metrics such as body-mass index, and use that data to make a custom fitness program based on your kitty’s needs.

“In order to look after your cat’s health, [The Little Cat] has been created to become a friend to both owner and the cat,” the company said.

Pet Ding

The treadmill comes in four jewel-themed colours, and will be released in March. However, while regular cat treadmills only cost around £100 (US$131 or A$183), The Little Cat will set crazy cat ladies back £100 (US$1,800 or A$2,500).

Pet Ding

Yu can learn more about it on the Pet Ding website.

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