Conan O’Brien slips into the Sydney Swans short shorts to learn the rules of AFL

Conan O’Brien landed in Sydney three days ago where he will make his stand up debut at the State Theater in February.

This visit down under will be featured in his Netflix show, Conan: Without Borders, where he travels around the world learning about their culture.

While he visited the usual tourist places like Bondi Beach, the comedian also partook in an unusual Aussie experience, playing AFL.

Not only did he wear the red and white uniform, but he also took part in a training session which saw him fumbling around with the ball.

Whilst he was definitely taller than the other AFL players, his height did not help him with jumping to catch the ball at all.

We are unsure when the episode on Australia will come out but I’m sure there will be plenty more of Conan and AFL in that episode.

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