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Unsuspecting tourist picks up one of the most deadly animals in Australia

“This is how tourists become statistics.”

An oblivious tourist visiting Australia has gone viral after he uploaded a video of himself holding a blue-ringed octopus, a creature so deadly it reportedly carries enough venom to kill 26 adults in a few minutes.

The clip, which was originally posted on TikTok, shows the unwitting tourist handling the dangerous marine animal before shaking it loose back into the water. One user claimed the Mandarin text on the video read: “Such a beautiful octopus.”

Australians who saw the video quickly called out the tourist, telling him how he came so close to death.

“Do they even know how lucky they are to be alive after doing something that monumentally stupid?” said one commenter, while another added: “This is how tourists become statistics.”

According to Gizmodo, the blue-ringed octopus has a sting that’s so small, victims won’t even know they’ve already been poisoned until it’s too late.

Even worse, there’s no anti-venom yet available for it. The only known treatment is by massaging the victim’s heart for hours until the venom, which causes paralysis, works its way throughout the person’s body and dissipates.

A few weeks back, a mum and her daughter also had a close encounter with the blue-ringed octopus. Julie Tattam and her 11-year-old were at Cronulla Beach in Sydney when the latter picked up a shell with the deadly creature inside.

“’Look at this gorgeous octopus, I caught it in this shell’,” Julie said, recalling her daughter’s words.

“I ran down to look and it was a blue-ringed octopus! She had been carrying it in her hands! (Luckily with the shell to protect her).”

Luckily, the octopus crawled back into the water without harming the two.

“We were a good 15 (minute) walk from the car and then another 15-20 (minute) drive from the hospital,” added Julie. “So scary!”

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