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69-year-old store owner fends off robber using only bananas

“The would-be robber was hit with bananas and then split.”

Seungae Kim, the 69-year-old owner of A&J Convenience in Cooksville, Ontario, has everyone impressed after she fended off a robber using only a bundle of bananas.

According to Kim, the masked man came in on a Saturday night and demanded she open the cash register. When she told him “you’re not getting money,” he tried to hop over the counter. And that’s when she used her potassium-filled weapon.

“I had to do something so I reached for whatever was there,” she said. “I hit him hard with the bananas and he ran away.”

Kim added that she kept swinging until the assailant retreated empty-handed, and that she did it not for the money but to protect her husband.

The store’s customers lauded the brave owner for her valiant stand. “She’s a champ. Wow, so brave,” said Kelly Rawlins, who lives nearby. “No one is going to mess with her.”

Although no one was hurt (save for the robber’s dignity), police told the public to refrain from getting into a physical confrontation with robbers, especially armed ones.

The suspect is still on the loose, and anyone with information is encouraged to contact the proper authorities.

Via The Star

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