Today Show hosts slammed for making crude jokes about Dolly Parton’s body

The Today Show just can’t seem to catch a break after the controversial host shake-up which saw most of the team replaced with someone new.

Tony Jones and Tom Steinfort came under fire today when they made crude comments on Tuesday morning surrounding music icon Dolly Parton on a segment discussing the Grammy Awards.

The pair both joked about her breasts which caused the rest of the panel, aside from Georgie Gardener who seemed to be the only one uncomfortable with the jokes, to burst out with laughter.

Brooke Boney, the other female host, seemed to be taken back by the joke at first but in the end, joined in with the laughter.

Many viewers took to Twitter to express their outrage over the segment, slamming it for its immature ‘locker room’ talk.

If the show is trying to win back more viewers, then yesterday’s segment on the Grammy Awards was not the way to go.

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