Watch these clever chimps create a makeshift ladder to escape from their enclosure

A group of chimpanzees proved just how smart they are when they used their wit to build a primitive ladder from branches and managed to escape their enclosure at Belfast Zoo.

The whole escape was captured by Danielle Monaghan whose young daughter can be heard adorably yelling at the chimps to not escape.

Thankfully, only one chimp fully left the enclosure and was seen roaming around the zoo whilst the others merely sat on the wall.

Belfast Zoo manager, Alyn Cairns, has since made a comment regarding the daring escape as he believes that the chimps were able to break off branches easily as they had been recently weakened by storms.

Although they had the chance to escape the zoo, the chimps ended up retreating to their enclosure.

This isn’t the first time an animal has escaped from Belfast Zoo as a red panda managed to sneak out of its enclosure last month due to a fault in the electric fence.

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