Featured Image for ‘Finally, there’s now a Crocs crossbody bag’, said no one ever

‘Finally, there’s now a Crocs crossbody bag’, said no one ever

It will cost US$300 (A$414). What a bargain for a missing slipper!

Los Angeles-based brand ‘Pizzaslime’, in collaboration with shoemaker Crocs, is turning crossbody bags into CROCSbody bags.

The product features an oversized version of the widely-ridiculed foam clog shoe customised with a pouch and strap. The shoe-cum-bag is unisex, and comes in yellow and black with seven custom detachable charms.


But better hurry if you want one (really?), because the label will only be making a limited run of 25. As mentioned before, the reimagined crossbody bag isn’t cheap.

“We went waaaaay outside of the box for this one and turned a Croc into a functional and quality made cross body bag,” wrote ‘Pizzaslime’ on Instagram.

“WE’RE BEYOND STOKED TO DROP THIS! Over the past few months we’ve put a lot of time, sweat, and tears into developing this product that has never been made before. It was a looooot harder than it looks.”


What’s next? A collection of high heel Crocs? Oops, they already did that last year.

Via Independent

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