Aussie hero praised for ‘returning’ cigarette butt to driver after she threw it out of her car

Mangus Hand, a man from Perth, went viral after he uploaded dash cam footage of him ‘returning’ a cigarette butt back into the car of the woman who had littered it.

While stopped at a red light, Hand noticed the woman littering and decided to get out of the car to teach her a lesson.

His dash cam captured the whole encounter and he uploaded the footage to Dash Cam Owners Australia where he hilariously captioned the video with “So I was at the lights and this poor lady’s cigarette accidentally fell out of her hand onto the road”.

The video has been viewed thousands of times and people online have praised Mangus Hand for his ‘kind act’.

Those who litter in Western Australia face a fine of up to $200, and the owner of the car is responsible for those who litter from their car as well if the individual can not be identified.

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