Liam Neeson insists he isn’t racist after facing backlash over his controversial revenge comments

Liam Neeson is in hot water after he admitted in an interview with The Independent that he an urge to find a random black person to kill after finding out about his friend’s rape.

He is currently promoting his new film, Cold Pursuit which follows the story of a man who seeks revenge on the people who killed his son.

In this interview, he was asked how he was able to tap into a character so thirsty for blood and shared the story of how he had once felt something similar in his life 40 years ago.

When this interview was released, people were not happy and branded him racist for the comments he made targeting a race.

To try and set the record straight and defend himself, the Taken actor appeared on Good Morning America to talk about the backlash in which he insisted he wasn’t racist.

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