Mysterious Instagram ‘world record egg’ has cracked to reveal an important PSA on mental health

Remember that famous Instagram account which managed to beat Kylie Jenner’s record of most likes with a picture of an egg?

Well, it’s back.

The owner of the account has been since revealed to be Chris Godfrey, who works for The&Partnership, a London-based advertisement agency.

Since the first image of the egg which was posted, several other pictures of the same egg was also posted, with each picture showing the egg cracking more and more.

No captions were written on the images so the account grew more mysterious with each post until finally yesterday when the meaning behind the egg was revealed.

The egg account, who has since partnered with Hulu, was revealed to actually be a ‘spokesperson’ for mental illness, with Godfrey releasing a short animation on Instagram.

This is some genius marketing right here.

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