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5 litres of beer pumped into man’s stomach to keep him alive

The headline is what I need to survive a Monday.

In the province of Quang Tri, Vietnam, a man at risk of dying from alcohol poisoning actually had to get beer pumped into his stomach to avoid death.

According to Dr. Le Van Lam, the patient 48-year-old Nguyen Van Nhat had so much methanol in his body that it was 1,119 times over the legal limit.

So the doctors transfused three cans of beer into his stomach, then transfused a can of beer every hour thereafter – for a total of 15 cans (or five litres).

So why use a beverage that makes people pass out to keep someone from passing away?

Dr. Lam explained that alcohol comes in two forms: ethanol and methanol. The former is commonly found in alcoholic drinks, while the latter is often contained in cleaning products and bootleg liquor.

Those afflicted with methanol poisoning can go blind, or worse, die. Thankfully, the human liver processes ethanol as a priority.

By giving Nguyen beer, the doctors bought themselves time to conduct proper dialysis before his liver processed the methanol.

Nguyen eventually regained consciousness after the emergency procedure – though probably with a massive hangover.

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