Featured Image for These photos of snow in the Arizona desert are absolutely stunning

These photos of snow in the Arizona desert are absolutely stunning

A winter wonderland… in the American southwest??

Over the past couple of weeks, the US has been witnessing strange weather. To be specific, the country’s northeast – from Washington to Boston – is going through an uncharacteristically mild winter.

The desert southwest, meanwhile, has been experiencing snow.

In Tucson, Arizona, snow is usually rare. However recently 0.4 inches fell in a single day – as much snowfall as Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington have had combined since December first.

There was more snowfall in other areas like Los Alamos, New Mexico (18 inches), or Mountainair, 70 kilometres south of Albuquerque (20 inches).

Despite not seeing any snow, Phoenix had its coldest temperature in five years, dipping to a chilly -1 degree celsius.

With cacti, red rock buttes, and canyons being covered in snow, this made for some pretty picturesque landscapes. Here’s a collection of our favourite photos of the phenomenon:

If you’re wondering why exactly it’s snowing in one of the driest regions on Earth, the Washington Post explained that a deep pool of cold air at high altitudes has been hanging over the area recently.

Never fear, the cold front has started to clear, and temperatures will return to normal soon.

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