Featured Image for This truly insane Harry Potter podcast won’t finish until 2084

This truly insane Harry Potter podcast won’t finish until 2084

Some of the noblest human endeavours are doomed to fail.

George Mallory’s quest to conquer Everest, the Apollo 1 mission, and most recently, three very silly Aussie podcasters attempting to review every single page of the Harry Potter series.

One of our favourite podcasts of 2019 sees the boys from the Zero Thumbs Down pod, Andrew, Nathan and Riordan (who, full disclosure, has previously written for Lost At E Minor), attempt the most ambitious and pointless literary analysis ever undertaken in podcast form.

Each week the Paging Mr Potter Podcast deeper than is clinically advisable on a single page, coming up with wildly elaborate conspiracy theories, hilarious alternate interpretations and an endless, unhinged string of increasingly cooked segments.

One page of Harry Potter. 40 minutes of content. Every week.

If you, like us, are looking for a podcast that investigates whether former Australian Prime Minister John Howard is secretly a wizard, tries to get Vernon Dursley a job on LinkedIn or alleges that McGonagall and Dumbledore have a party-drug addiction then get this into your ear holes.

At their current rate they should be able to finish the entire series in the 2084 – so strap in.

Check it out on Spotify or iTunes.

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