Featured Image for This very patriotic map shows the motto of each US state

This very patriotic map shows the motto of each US state

Contrary to popular belief, not every state’s motto is ‘FREEDOM!’ or ‘GUNS!’

CashNetUSA has come up with a highly-informative map that details the motto of each US state. In addition to ‘In God We Trust’, the entire country’s motto, each state (except Florida) also has its own unique pledge for its citizen.

There are some pretty patriotic ones, like Delaware’s ‘Liberty & Independence’, or Nevada’s ‘All For Our Country’.


And there are some strange ones as well, such as Texas’ surprisingly simple ‘Friendship’.


According to CashNetUSA, the map features fifty rallying cries in eight different languages: “Twenty in Latin, twenty-four in English, and the rest in French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Hawaiian, and Chinook.”

Washington State, for example, is one of two American states to have a motto in a native language. Their Chinook phrase ‘Al-ki’ or ‘Alki’, means ‘bye and bye’, which in contemporary terms means ‘Into the Future’.



Fascinating! You can learn a bit more about the map by checking out the CashNetUSA website.

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