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CCTV catches man licking doorbell for three hours, and WTF

This is why aliens won’t talk to us.

In California, a trespasser was caught on surveillance camera licking a homeowner’s doorbell for three hours (talk about stamina).

In the following video, 33-year-old Robert Arroyo can be seen approaching the property in the early hours of Saturday. He then proceeds to get intimate with the doorbell system while making awkward eye contact with the CCTV.

According to homeowner Sylvia Dungan, she was not at home when the surveillance system notified her of suspicious activity, but her children were.

“I thought, ‘boy there’s a lot of traffic’. I go, 5:00 in the morning? My son doesn’t get home till 6:00 a.m. well then who the heck is that?” said Dungan, who posted the clip online to warn others of strange incidents like this.

“This just kind of reinforces how important it is to have security within your home.”

The cops later caught Arroyo relieving himself in the front yard.

The weirdo has also been accused of stealing extension cords from a neighbour, and faces charges for petty theft and prowling.

Via Independent

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