These robot dogs might be the ones delivering our mail in the future

But how will they get paid; in treats or robo belly rubs?

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, German automotive firm Continental unveiled a concept logistics system that replaces mailmen with self-driving vans and robot dogs.

Being developed in partnership with robotics firm ANYbotics, the system hopes to be the future of last-mile package delivery. In the demo video, the autonomous van – called CUbE – arrives at the destination, then releases a robodog through its back door.

The mechanised pup then makes its way through a garden before removing the package from its back and placing it onto the porch. It then rings the doorbell and does a little victory dance. Neat trick!


But don’t get too excited just yet. Even though other startups like Boston Dynamics are quickly improving quadrupedal AI capabilities, it will still take a while before we see one delivering packages.


Still, Continental believes robodogs could greatly improve logistics in the (fur)ture. A company spokesperson said:

“With the help of robot delivery, Continental’s vision for seamless mobility can extend right to your doorstep. Our vision of cascaded robot delivery leverages a driverless vehicle to carry delivery robots, creating an efficient transport team.”


What do you think of this concept? Is package delivery going to the dogs?

Via Design Boom

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