Kudu Blue’s new video ‘AURAS’ is a dreamy, hypnotic mess

It’s hard to nail down Kudu Blue’s latest single ‘AURAS’ to a certain time or place.

Its pulsating rhythms make you feel like you’re in a sweaty Berlin warehouse, but the warm, pop vocals take you to another dimension entirely.

The film clip, a collab with director Ella Woollgar and colourist Connor Coolbear, has just recently dropped and is a wonderfully retro and completely captivating experience.

After taking a break from music, the Aussie band is back with their trademark eclectic style that draws inspiration from anything and everything that makes you wanna dance.

We spoke to the band ahead of the release of the AURAS EP later this year:

You guys are known for your eclectic sounds – how did you end up with such a wide breadth of inspiration?

We grew up listening to different music from each other when growing up. Even now we still all appreciate similar music but have different tastes. I (Clem) was brought up on reggae, soul and was into garage as a teenager. I still love all that music and have recently found my love of dance music.

Owen grew up listening to Massive Attack and lots of trip-hop, he’s into everything from Fatima Yamaha to Shania Twain. Creeda was big into hip-hop artists like Wu-Tang etc as a youth and is into Kaytranda. Tom is into his jazz and world music. He’s studying Ethnomusicology at the moment and is listening to a lot of Indian Classical music.

So yeah, that’s where the breadth comes from haha.

The video clip has a bit of a retro feel to it, what was the creative vision for the film clip?

We just wanted something quite simple and not overly fussy. We liked the anonymity of it being focused on close-ups of the mouth so the attention was more on the tune then what’s going on in the video.

Yeah, the colours we went for have that sort of faded out, retro feel which is totally what we were going for. Glad it came across.

How was the production process for you guys, is this something new for you or have you always been interested in the visual side of things?

It really varies, sometimes we’ll write a song altogether in the rehearsal room or all sitting together in the studio. Sometimes one of us will come up with an idea individually and bring it to the table and we’ll go from there.

It’s good to keep things varied and not having a rigid approach to making music seems to work for us. The visual for AURAS is the first thing we’ve put out really.

We’ve always been really interested in that aspect of the music and felt like this was the right track to begin getting our creative ideas into video for. We’re looking forward to doing more in the future.

It’s been a while since you guys put out new music – what have you learned from your time away?

Yeah it’s felt like a very long time to be honest!

We’ve been writing and creating the whole time so it’s great to finally be sharing what we’ve been working on. I suppose what we’ve learned in that time is to just keep going and keep being productive.

What can we expect for the new EP, what do you want listeners to experience when they hear it?

The tunes were taken from songs we’ve written over the past two years. So it’s a nod to a bit of the old and to the new.

The tracks on the EP have different moods that we hope will come across.

We’d like the listeners to feel empowered, inspired and in the mood for a dance.

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