Featured Image for A courtyard in Sicily is now a massive mural to inspire local kids

A courtyard in Sicily is now a massive mural to inspire local kids

In this high school, art isn’t only found in the classroom – it’s everywhere.

Atlanta-based artist Alex Brewer, also known as Hense, has finished work on a mural that turns a Sicily school’s uninspiring courtyard into a massive canvas.

Entitled Ragusa Sun, named after the hilltop city in which it’s located, the artwork features striking shapes and colours painted on the asphalt courtyard of the Liceo Scientifico E. Fermi high school. From up in the sky, the composition provides a beautiful contrast to the neighbourhood’s earth-toned architecture.

In an interview with Colossal, the creative explained that he hopes that the piece would inspire the students to be more curious about their environment.

“We used colors that contrasted starkly with the existing architecture and we were very conscience of the space and scale we worked in,” he said. “The forms, lines, and colors are intended to be purely compositional, but I enjoy the idea of viewers having different interpretations of the work.”

Hense is currently holding a show called INTERPLAY, which will run until 26 January 2019 at Sandler Hudson Gallery in Atlanta. You can learn more about him and his work here.

Ragusa Sun by Hense

Via Colossal