Featured Image for Robbie Williams is reportedly tormenting his neighbour Jimmy Page in the pettiest feud of all time

Robbie Williams is reportedly tormenting his neighbour Jimmy Page in the pettiest feud of all time

Robbie Williams resorted to a very creative form of torture to get the upper hand in his long-running feud with celebrity neighbour Jimmy Page.

Page, the former Led Zeppelin guitarist, and Williams have been at loggerheads over the development of Williams’ new £17 million home.

Page objected to Williams’ request to add a basement gym and pool to his home, citing his feat that excavation work would damage his mansion that has stood since 1875.

The feud has been ongoing for five years, and Williams has come up with some truly brilliant – and petty – ways to torment Page.

Robbie Williams has been blasting music of Led Zeppelin’s main musical rivals Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple whenever he sees Page outside in his garden.

He has also been “imitating” the Led Zeppelin founder by wearing a wig and stuffing a pillow up his shirt to resemble Page’s, er, less-than-chiseled physique.

The information comes courtesy of a letter that another neighbour wrote to the local council complaining about the noise from Williams’ home.

“The committee may not have been aware that Robbie Williams has been playing loud 70’s rock music on outside speakers when he views Jimmy Page outside his home,” the neighbour, known only as Johnny, wrote.

“What’s been most annoying is that Mr Williams has played rock arch rival bands Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple.

“He obviously knows this upsets Mr Jimmy Page.

“There have also been some reports that Robbie Williams has dressed up to imitate iconic Led Zeppelin frontman and lead singer Robert Plant.”

Williams has had two previous planning applications refused due to objections from Page. The former Take That frontman will be hoping that it’s third time lucky for his gym and pool.

The building company that Williams hired have already been fined £4,670 back in 2017 for breaching noise regulations after a complaint from, you guessed it, Jimmy Page.

A spokesperson for Williams denied the claims and told The Telegraph that they were “a complete fabrication and nonsense.”